Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The September  Virtual Tour for The Boxcar Baby is well on it’s way, be sure to check out the link for dates and blog sites: 
and don’t forget the give away at Selah's
Now for The Backwoods Comic Festival 
which I will be attending on Saturday September 28, 2013. There will be all kinds of authors, artists, cartoonists, and other crazy people there so you should be too.CIBO will be serving Hobo Dogs which are bacon wrapped hot dogs deep fried.Because you are so wonderful I am going to give every person who shows me a receipt for a Hobo Dog a $1.00 off a trade copy of The Boxcar BabyAlso, every person who buys a book from me, no matter which book, will be entered into the drawing for a special prize, a ‘Hobo Picnic’ Yep that’s what I said.
Here is a list of my books so you can start thinking about which ones you want to buy:
My novels:
The Boxcar Baby - Steel Roots Series
The Lost Daughter of Easa - Elsie Lind Series
I have short stories in the following:
Dreams of Steam II Brass & Bolts anthology
Dreams of Steam IV Gizmos anthology
Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells anthology
Southern Haunts The Spirits That Walk Among us anthology
(Because several of the authors and my good friends will be selling this book at the event, I will be holding mine in reserve.  However, I will be happy to autograph for free any copies you purchase from them.)
I have a special drawing for kids too, come by the table and draw me a picture of a train or a hobo, I will get some real artists to judge the art and the winners will get a prize. 
I also have lots of FREE! stuff at my booth and the Imagicopter Booth where you can learn about other authors and artists who were not able to attend the event but want you to check out what they have to offer as well. 
See how much fun we are going to have? So don’t miss it Saturday September 28 at the Backwoods Comic Festival in Louiseville, MS. 

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