Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Welcome 2014

The new year comes in like a lion roaring loud and clear.  The winds of change ride atop the arctic blast and we shall ride with it.  The Boxcar Baby is a great success, thanks to all the readers and reviewers. You will be happy to know the sequel is in the works.  Steampunk is not only the "New Black" but the New Young Adult!

As for The Lost Daughter of Easa? Yes that sequel is in the works as well never fear I have not forgotten poor Elsie Lind.

A lot of others exciting things happening as I have been invited to several anthologies this year so watch out for some thrilling short stories that might just make you tremble in your shoes.

Check out the events list to find out which conventions I will be attending this year.

Until then see you soon, and stay warm.

FYI, as I write this it's snowing here in Mississippi talk about strange things happening.

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